What is the benefit of participating in the CNP credential program?

Being an effective leader is not just about accumulating knowledge. It is critical that you also have the opportunity to apply that knowledge. This is what makes the CNP credential program so unique. You will have the opportunity to test your knowledge and build your leadership capacity through a variety of activities. The end result? CNPs are seven times (7x!) more likely to rise to a leadership position than their peers!

How will the program help me launch a successful nonprofit career?

Through the CNP credential program, you will have access to…

  • Career success resources like resume reviews, informational interviews, and access to virtual internships
  • A digital version of the CNP credential
  • A dynamic online course that will train you in how to be a successful nonprofit leader
  • The Association of CNPs (a national network of 10,500+ like-minded leaders)

The CNP after your name tells the world you have the know-how, the experience and the passion needed to be a successful nonprofit leader!

Who is participating in the program?

The program was specifically created with college students and recent graduates in mind. You have up to two and a half years to complete (all CNP requirements must be completed at least six months after you graduate).

How long does the CNP Study Guide take to complete?

As little as 3 hours per week over 10-12 weeks

What types of jobs are available after you earn the credential?

There are so many great career opportunities available in the nonprofit sector whether you are interested in program design or delivery—or you want to crunch numbers in the finance office. Volunteer management, project management, marketing, fundraising—these are just a few of the skills that are in high demand in the nonprofit sector.

How do I know that there will be a job for me once I complete the program?

The nonprofit sector has quietly grown to become one of the largest employers in the U.S. (second only to retail!). Growth in nonprofit employment and wages has outpaced both the public and corporate sectors for nearly two decades. The fact is, social-impact organizations need talented and passionate professionals.

Through the CNP program, you will be connected to the Alliance’s Nonprofit Workforce Partners – organizations like Catholic Charities, Boy Scouts of America and the YMCA. These organizations hire more than 50,000 people annually. They partner with the Alliance because they want to have access to talented and prepared emerging leaders (people like you!). They see the CNP as an endorsement that you have the passion, skills and leadership capacity needed to be a successful social impact leader.

What does it take to earn the CNP credential?

  1. Bachelor’s degree. The credential is conferred along with your degree; however, you get access to all the great program benefits the day that you enroll.
  2. Nonprofit experience. Either a nonprofit internship, work experience, or service year is accepted. If you do not have experience working at a nonprofit, we will help you find an internship (we even have virtual options!).
  3. Volunteer service experience. This is met by completing at least 20 volunteer hours.
  4. Leadership development experiences. You will meet this requirement through the following activities:
  • Attend Elevate, a virtual nonprofit career conference hosted by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance
  • Attend a local nonprofit networking event
  • Explore CNP employment resources (Career Success resources are coming soon!)
  1. Pass the CNP exam. The exam evidences your understanding of basic level nonprofit knowledge and skills. We will provide you the resources to prepare for the exam, including an online CNP Study Guide.

How long is the exam?

100 true/false and multiple-choice questions

Do you need to do the requirements of the CNP in any specific order?

No, you are able to complete the requirements in any order that works for you. However, you may find that you would do better on the exam if you wait until you have completed any available coursework on your campus and the CNP Study Guide.

Do you have to log into the platform at certain times of the day or week?

No, the content is available at all times.

Is there an advisor for the CNP program?

We offer free virtual advising through the CNP Central online portal. Click here for the CNP Advising community. This community allows you to post questions and a staff member or CNP will respond. Students from Legacy Campuses have designated campus directors to help guide you through the CNP program.

How long will it take to complete the program?

The full program takes approximately 6 months to complete. You may be working toward your degree, so you may take up to two and a half years if needed. All CNP requirements must be met at least six months after you graduate.

Do I have to buy any books for the program?

No. All materials are hosted in the study guide.

What if I am not sure what kind of nonprofit career is right for me?

Not a problem! The CNP credential program will walk you through the different career opportunities. You will also have the opportunity to interact with CNPs who are already working in the nonprofit sector so you can ask questions about different career paths. You will leave the program better prepared to launch a social-impact career that is right for you.

What topics are covered in the program?

You will be exposed to the core competencies nonprofit hiring managers look for when conducting a search (nonprofit management and leadership, fundraising, diversity and inclusion, program design, volunteer management to name a few).

What if I don’t want to work for a nonprofit but am interested in earning the CNP credential as a volunteer?

That is great! You will leave the program a stronger volunteer leader, ready to ask great questions and help lead the organization toward greater impact.

Is there any continuing education required after I complete the program?

No – the CNP never expires; however, we do encourage you to continue learning and growing!

Is the CNP recognized by hiring managers in nonprofit organizations?

The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance partners with some of the country’s largest and most well-respected national nonprofit organizations working to create social impact. The Alliance is a pipeline, connecting those social-impact organizations with our students and the 10,500+ Certified Nonprofit Professionals (CNPs) who have completed our leadership training program.

What will I receive after completion?

In addition to the knowledge and skills you’ll obtain in the CNP competencies, the Certified Nonprofit Professional credential will be issued to you as a digital badge that can be uploaded to LinkedIn and other digital platforms. You will also become a lifetime member of the Association of CNPs, which provides ongoing networking and professional development to its members.

What is Leaderosity?

Leaderosity, a program of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, is an online learning and training platform. You will use Leaderosity to access the CNP Study Guide and the Leadership Development in Practice course.