About the ACNP

Highlight Your strategic Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector

The Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential is a prerequisite for the ACNP. Earn your CNP today. The Advanced Certified Nonprofit Professional (ACNP) recognizes experience and knowledge about the successful management and leadership of nonprofit sector organizations, ongoing professional development to both center and expand thinking, and a commitment to volunteer service. 

apply today!

The cost of the Advanced Certified Nonprofit Professional is $300. 

After payment, you will receive a confirmation email. Within 24 hours, you can expect an email from CNP Central indicating that you have access to the pages in CNP Central to complete your requirements and earn the credential. 

why earn the acnp?

The ACNP showcases your preparedness for the pivotal role a nonprofit leader plays in transforming our communities and our world.

it's renewable?

Advanced credentials commonly require regular renewal. This ensures that credential holders are staying up to date with current trends, the latest industry developments, and the best leadership practices in the sector.

The ACNP credential is valid for three years. The credential can be renewed by submitting evidence that credential holders are continuing their work in the nonprofit sector and staying up to date with current trends and industry developments. Prior to your renewal date, you will be prompted to provide documentation to evidence your continued commitment to the sector.

The cost of renewal is $200. This rate will increase to $250 if your renewal lapses more than 30 days, and to $300 if renewal lapses more than six months. 


what are the requirements?

To earn the credential, you must satisfy the requirements and submit the documentation evidencing that information. In addition to being a CNP, there are four requirements: Professional Nonprofit Experience, Professional Development, Volunteer Service, and Final Verification.

Brought to you by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. With nearly 12,000 CNPs and over 28,000 Leaderosity learners, o
ur impact in the sector is unmatched. This new advanced credential will highlight the work CNPs have contributed in the past 70+ years. 

Questions or comments?

This advanced credential for CNPs is brand new! We hope it will continue to evolve and become more valuable to our ACNP recipients over time. To chat with an Alliance staff member about your feedback or questions, please email us or set up a time to connect with Ariel below.