About the CNP

The CNP Credential
The Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential is the only national nonprofit credential preparing students for careers in nonprofit management. Students who complete this leadership development program are awarded the credential and gain access to a network of nonprofit career resources, including the CNP network.

The CNP Network
More than 10,500 students have completed the requirements of the CNP credential. This group is a powerful network of professionals who are leading some of the country’s most successful social-impact organizations. In addition, the national and local nonprofit organizations that are part of the Alliance network hire more than 50,000 people annually. These are organizations that value the training and preparation that is core to the CNP program.

The Value
Recent research completed by an independent organization shows that CNPs are seven times (7x!) more likely to rise to leadership than their non-CNP peers. Due to the unique combination of classroom training, practical experience, and leadership activities, CNPs get hired and rise more quickly in their organizations. Whether you are interested in volunteer coordination, fundraising or program management, the CNP is a proven method to launch a successful social-impact career.

Using the Credential
Students who complete the requirements are awarded the CNP credential, which is placed after their name (Jamie Smith, CNP). CNPs also receive the CNP as a digital badge, which can be shared on LinkedIn and other digital platforms.