Digital Badge

Satisfy your Leadership Development Requirement for the CNP credential or earn the Social Sector Leadership Digital Badge by completing the below requirements and submitting the form. The form must be completed by March 31, 2024. Access to Elevate content will also terminate on that date.

This digital badge, powered by Acclaim, can be shared via LinkedIn and other digital platforms and highlights your learning and accomplishments. The metadata that gets included with the digital badge helps hiring managers find you more quickly when they are conducting a search. 

To earn the Social Sector Leadership badge, you must:

  • Attend two keynotes (live or recorded).
  • Attend at least two panels (live or recorded).
  • Attend a minimum of four breakout sessions (sessions can be from any track). Be prepared to share the titles of the sessions you attended on the form.
  • Attend at least two live activities. You can choose from our live workshops and the live reflection session following the screening of this year's documentary. Can't make the live session? Catch the recording and then share your reflection on a discussion board. 

The digital badge form will become available on this page on Feb. 27, 2024, the first day of the conference.