Business Basics


Business Basics

Price per course when purchased individually: $69

25% discount when purchasing the entire series of 4: $207 


  • The Business Basics Series consists of a portfolio of self-paced online courses that increase your acumen in basic business skills. Each course can be taken individually, or you may choose to purchase all four courses as a complete learning path at a 25% savings.
  • Who should enroll? The Business Basics Series is ideal for self-learners with an interest in business concepts, operations, and entrepreneurship.


  • No requirements


  • Self-enrollment


  • Enhanced business skills
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Business Operations

This course focuses on the fundamental day-to-day operational processes for producing and delivering goods and services. The specifics of business operations can vary across industries, organization size, and product types, and will evolve as the organization grows. The organization’s ability to build efficient processes and recognize when changes are needed to avoid expensive errors are essential ingredients for success. 

Who Should Enroll? Individuals interested in increasing their understanding of business operations, how to build efficient processes, and how to plan for effective change management.

Finance and Budgeting Essentials

Financial and budgeting knowledge is crucial for organizational success. This course highlights the importance of strategy as the guide for financial decision-making and management, the process for building realistic, useful budgets, and the role of fiscal reporting that allows the organization's decision-makers to monitor and control resources. 

Who Should Enroll? Individuals interested in increasing their knowledge of financial strategy and decision-making as well as budgeting and fiscal reporting.

Improving Decision Making

Good decisions are crucial for successful businesses. When making decisions, especially big decisions, a deliberate process is vital to create effective solutions. This course focuses on the processes of effective decision-making and how to be an effective participant in the decision-making process, highlighting the importance of critical thinking and self-awareness. The importance of creativity and group facilitation in decision-making is also emphasized.

Who Should Enroll? Individuals interested in professional development that prepares them for active participation in effective decision-making to achieve organizational goals.

Marketing and Sales

Successful marketing teams must understand the organization’s goals, the cost of creating/offering the product or service, and the target market(s).  From strategic marketing and marketing research to branding, promotions, and pricing, this course is about using the tools of marketing to identify and reach your target audience.

Who Should Enroll? Individuals interested in increases their understanding of organizational goals and how to apply them to the development of marketing and sales strategies and using the tools of marketing to identify and reach target audiences.


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