Jobseeker's Toolkit


American Printing House for the Blind ConnectCenter and NSITE have partnered to create a Jobseeker’s Toolkit. The Jobseeker’s Toolkit is an accessible, self-paced, free online training course.

The purpose of The Jobseeker's Toolkit is to help you acquire and build critical tools that will ultimately help you conduct a successful job search. The Toolkit’s five courses are structured into modules and activities that build on the content and exercises of the preceding course. You will want to work your way through the series in chronological order and complete every assignment along the way.

Throughout the series, you will find lessons and assignments to help you develop and hone your job-seeking skills. In other words, the work you put into building your own Toolkit will provide you with a foundation for success.

Course List
Course 1: Self-Awareness covers self-assessment and evaluation.
Course 2: Career Exploration – Methods and Resources are all about helping you explore the career options that may be right for you.
Course 3: Finding Employment dives into the tools necessary for finding job opportunities.
Course 4: The Interview is about sharpening your interview skills and landing that position.
Course 5: Maintaining Employment – Advancing Your Career will help you prepare for success once you have secured the position and will help you advance on your career path.

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